My scarf is getting nice and long. In fact, I’m wishing I had made it wider. I stretched it out a bit to show the openwork. If I block it when it’s finished, it’ll have that lacy quality. If I don’t, it’ll have the look of slightly complex ribbing that you can see in the unstretched bit.

I didn’t sleep well last night, and didn’t get up till nearly 7:00 this morning. I immediately got to work on the unfinished work that was keeping me awake, so here it is 9:30 and I’m just now having grapefruit and tea.

I have housework to do, I want to continue with my knitting, since it’s a wonderful rainy day ideally suited to reading and knitting, and I also need to make some decisions about my handmade Christmas gifts and buy the needed materials. I’m attaching “before” pictures of the living room and entryway, so you can clearly see that the HGP housework needs doing. 

There’s also ordinary housework, such as laundry and cleaning the kitchen and the bathrooms and changing the bed linens and so forth.

It seems most reasonable to do these things while my husband is at work, so that when he comes home, it will be to a nice, clean house.

However, I know from experience that none of the guys in my family really notices these things. They have outright told me that they see no difference beteen the “before” and “after” versions.

So I am tempted to spend my husband’s workday lolling around reading and knitting, looking through all my crafts books for giftmaking ideas, and perhaps doing some sewing. Then, when he comes home, I can clean while he is here to appreciate it.

I am fully aware of how unreasonable this is. It is in many ways better for my husband to be unaware of the cleaning. If I had a really well-managed household, he would just find that his needs were met and his home was always pleasant, without his having to notice that there were messes that got tidied up or dirty places that got cleaned.

Of course then we’d have a housekeeper, so it wouldn’t be any business of mine.

I think it is possible, though, coming from a traditional culture as he does, that it makes my husband feel cared for to have me scrubbing things as he watches football. Why should I begrudge him that — particularly when reading and knitting is so much more enjoyable with the sound of gentle rain than with the sound of football?

I am giving this scheduling question serious thought. I don’t have other plans this weekend beyond these things. I’ve had fun stuff going on for the past three weekends, so I plan on a judicious balance of laziness and domesticity today.