This shawl is supposed to finish out at 58 inches by 24 inches.

How can I possibly tell? For one thing, it’s lace so it’s impossible to measure it accurately before it’s blocked. I’ve measured the center line, and it is 25″. But it looks small, so I don’t trust that.

For another, I can’t spread it out at all. It may be 25″ long, but I have no idea how wide it is. The motifs are about 4″ wide and there are 16 of them, so it should in theory be wide enough… but did I mention that it looks small?

This is my Doing It Wrong lace shawl, my opportunity to make mistakes and mess it up so that I will do the next one better. So maybe I will just go ahead and move on to the border. If it turns out too small, I can always add another border. right?

Bisi loves the Quixote Shawl, or more properly she loves the alpaca yarn. Here she is luxuriating in it as I wound up the third skein.

She nuzzled it and wrapped her head in it. She would gladly steal it and take it to her lair for her treasure hoard (she doesn’y have those things; I’m just expressing her apparent feelings about it). She doesn’t care how big it is.