How many bags does one woman need?

For baggalini bags, the answer may be, “a lot.” These bags are all about adventure chic.

You can take them to a business meeting, but they really come into their own for travel.

So it’s reasonable to have them in multiple sizes, because there are so many different kinds of trips you might need to take them on. For some trips, you really need your knitting and a water bottle.


For others, your phone and a couple of cards will suffice. Maybe a passport or a charger.

And the classic saddlebag is one you might need in multiple colors as well as sizes, because it is a perfect look for all but the most formal situations.

A classic hobo bag is another you might want a bunch of.

A duffle or two for the gym or the weekend.

And a totally fun bag to add the perfect color to a look.

My grandmother carefully shopped for matching bag and shoes for every hand-knitted suit she created. I doubt I’ll ever do that, but I do like to have just the right color bag.