"I need something to calm my nerves. Where is my… you know?"
"I put your you know in the back right drawer."

Mr. Gatch pulls out… his knitting.

His secret knitting habit turns out to be a pivotal plot point when the ambitious young junior executive claims that knitting helps him think more clearly.

"I feel sorry for men who don't knit," he says with every appearance of sincerity.

This is another of the movies for February's KLL. This is an impressive bit of midcentury social commentary with choreography by Bob Fosse.

With ice covering the streets, I gave myself a weekend of knitting for Ketch's sleeves. I'm about to begin the sleeve caps.

I hope that I'll feel refreshed and focused tomorrow. I don't regret traveling last week, but I don't feel that I was as productive as I should have been.

Sopping up solitude and sloth all weekend might help me be productive during the week, or it may just be a habit. Even perhaps a bad habit.

Or not. I'm getting my sweater finished up, after all.