Not busting out all over. It’s beautiful here and filled with flowers. But we are still facing the pandemic, protesting against racism in America while seeing lots of saddening evidence that it still exists, discovering that we can be even more divided as a nation and from our global allies, and flailing around when it comes to the coming school term and our economy.

The chart above is the monthly habit tracker from the Sonder planner. They have a new theme every month, and June was about choices. I took the opportunity to use their worksheets to reflect on life choices I’ve made, but my main goal was to get out of temporary, pandemic-fired “wait till we see what happens” mode and back to my beneficial habits and routine. You can see from the check marks that I haven’t entirely succeeded in doing so, but I’m doing pretty well and expect to improve further.

I’m going to continue using the Sonder planner for July, but I will leave off the habits I’ve picked back up reasonably well, keep the ones I’m doing less often than I like, and add some — like getting outdoors — that I want to begin.

As for the real basics — eat, move, sleep — I am actually sleeping better than I was. I’m having proper balanced meals more often, though I’m also snacking way too much and choosing snacks that do not support my clean eating goals. I moved more in June than in May, though I’m still nearly 1,000 steps a day below where I was before the pandemic. I’ve gained five pounds during the pandemic, and I know that I need to make these healthy habits a higher priority.

I’ve been working hard, seeing my family, and feeling happy most of the time. These things are, as I’ve learned from Bill Bryson’s The Body, also important for our health.

Onward and upward.