I think I get at least a C. True, I have stopped working on time only two of four evenings, and on both the work-late nights I also missed the food and electronics deadlines.

This could well mean that when I manage to stop work on time it’ll be perfect.

I am getting up in the morning to a tidy living room (except for my husband’s junk which he strews about a bit every night) and a clean kitchen. I have clothes out and dinner planned.

This morning I woke at 3:30 a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep. I went ahead and started working. 6 hours each for the two crisis websites, followed by a couple of hours of blogging… and no exercise at all. 5 servings of grains today, and about the same for sugars. 5 fruit and veg, for what that’s worth. No make up, never brushed my hair, and I’m wearing capris and a T shirt. I had a chat with #2 daughter by phone after dinner while pulling weeds and tidying the patio — not the official chore of the day.

So not great.

But better. I plan to have the evening routine down pat by Friday.