In the course of researching a blog post for a client, I learned that human hair set in resin is currently being explored as a building material. “Human hair,” the article mused, “is sustainable.”

This is clearly true. It’s sustainable, and quite beautiful. Even my gray hair is pretty stuff, with intricate color variations and graceful curves. I can imagine that a coffee table top of human hair in resin could be as beautiful as any wood.

And human hair is a waste product of sorts. Making things from hair harvested in salons is not like making lampshades out of human skin. I have no problem with human hair being used to make wigs for chemotherapy patients. But somehow the idea of putting human hair into household goods creeps me out. A lot.

On that note, I offer you “A Blue Christmas,” a popular sad Christmas song to go with the solemn Advent hymns I’ve offered so far this week.

Sad Advent songs might be about longing or injustice or human failings, but sad Christmas songs are almost always about broken hearts or homesickness or loneliness or some other variant on the lack of a person or people. They do not, therefore, have the touch of hope that an Advent song contains. Things might be dismal during Advent, but Jesus is on His way. Your former sweetheart, however, is not.

Perhaps you could make a Christmas ornament of resin filled with his or her hair. Would that help?