Wednesday is the hump of the week, the idea goes, so we are now on the downside. I figure I’m halfway through yet another week full of meetings. That is, I am either halfway through a super difficult, trying, exhausting week, or I am still further toward a new set of habits overlying the old introverted ones.

I’m enjoying the individual meetings and appointments. I’ve gotten 34+ hours at the computer this week, so they are not keeping from getting my work done. But they certainly are keeping me from meeting my fitness goals.

I set my three fitness habits and meticulously tracked, exercised, and ate what I should… for a few days. As the meetings piled up and the work extended into early mornings and evenings to make up for the time in meetings, I slid right back to those old habits.

The Power of Habit describes these things as distractions — they can easily overcome carefully-nurtured habits, but not cravings. So my cravings for cinnamon rolls have come to the fore as stress and sleep deprivation mount, while my habit of tracking meals has fallen by the wayside.