Rosalyne01 is reading Unweaving the Rainbow, so I hereby declare the Richard Dawkins read-along back in session. Grab your favorite Dawkins book and join us!

You can also join Team Wales (though Dweezy says to watch out for dragons). Feebeeglee‘s mother’s maiden name was Lloyd, and Chanthaboune has this big crush on a Welshman, so I think both of them are eligible. Also, Team Wales includes a number of men, so I think that you menfolks ought to join in, just so the bass and tenor sections will be large enough for Cwm Rhondda. (If you click on this article, you will be able to enjoy the vision of England supporters singing “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,” in an effort to cow the Welsh, who nonetheless “terrorise [them] with their close harmony singing.” As an American, I have to wonder whether the English can really do justice to “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot,” especially at a football game. However, I have never attempted to terrorise anyone with my singing, so I suppose I cannot speak on this.)

Also, teammate Aidan over at Mollywobbles claims that women have an unsuppressable fascination with the sex lives of knitting men. He is married, so this is irritating to him, but you single fellows might find it handy. By knitting while also watching sports, you can establish your well-roundedness.

Speaking of watching sports, Cleverboots suggests that the Knitting Olympics should only allow knitting that is done while watching the Winter Olympics. This had not occurred to me, but it makes sense. Does anyone have a ruling on this? Cleverboots does not knit, but she is the nearest thing to a TV expert that I know, so I am inclined to trust her on all TV-related points.

Today I must Do Errands before work. I started to list the errands, but frankly the list does not look daunting enough for you to feel sorry for me, which is what I was after. “The curse is come upon me!” cried the Lady of Shallot.

Parsifal? The Lady of Shallot? What is causing me to wallow in these overheated Victorian takes on Arthurian legend? Not sure. If you go over here, though, you can hear a musical setting of this once-popular poem.

I hereby abandon any efforts to make this a cohesive post. In fact, I hereby abandon this post in favor of cooking breakfast. Hwyl fawr, everyone!