The Cloverleaf Top uses an I-Cord Bind-Off. I have encountered I-Cord before, but have not been successful with it. The “I” stands for “idiot,” so it is a little embarrassing that I couldn’t do it on that previous project, but I think it’s working this time.

It provides a nice edge, as you can see in the photo. It’s slow, at least for me, but probably not slower than other edgings which usually require multiple rows.

#3 grandchild, the bigger of the Littles, called me on FaceTime today. She said, “Hello, Grandma” and then asked to see the cat. I showed her the cat asnmd then she asked to see the toys, which means the dollhouse. She “oohed” and”aahed,” something she is particularly good at, with gasps of surprised delight.

Then she said, “Come on, I show you” and ran around her house with the phone, showing me the high points, like her toy piano and the potato in her dollhouse.

I don’t know what was up with the potato. The residents of her dollhouse are rabbits, with their friends the hedgehogs and kangaroos.

The hedgehogs were my contribution.

I had a quiche in the oven and that was my dinner, along with salad and melon. As I savored the last bites, I realized that I was happy. I am normally a happy person, but recently I have not always felt happy. Sometimes, though.

Visiting grandchildren is considered moderately dangerous when it comes to the pandemic, so we are backing down from those visits, and that makes me less happy, but FaceTime is good, too.

I completed the first half of the Cloverleaf Top with that bind-off, blocked it, and am ready to move on to the second half. It has no shaping at all, but the stitch is very elastic, so I hope that will keep it from being too boxy. We’ll see.