I had my first COVID-19 vaccination on April 7 and my second on April 29th. In between, I was weak and tired. On the 30th, I had terrible pain in the back of my chest, under the shoulder blade.

Thinking it was the vaccine, I went to bed. At 10:00 pm I woke up coughing and discovered that I was coughing up blood. In the morning, I was in pain as soon as I moved, coughed, or breathed deeply.

#1 daughter took me to the hospital, where I had lots of tests, as evidenced by the disgusting photo of my inner elbow.

My digestive system has given up again and I am still in pain, but I have lots of antibiotics so I should feel better soon.

I think the timing of the vaccines confused the whole affair.

However, the pneumonia was the good news. They were thinking it might be cancer.

I am not up to sharing the bad news yet.

#2 son came up from his home to take care of me, which was awesome. He and #1 son bought prepared healthy food and #1 son and #1 daughter together got my prescriptions.

The boys had interesting conversations which I enjoyed listening to.