I’m working through a workbook called Ignite Your Magic: A Self-Discovery Journal: Prompts and Exercises to Inspire Personal Growth. Absolutely not my usual cup of tea. However, I have been thinking along with so many others about what the new normal might be.

For me, there is not only the pandemic, which put a brake on normalcy for the entire world, but also my health adventures. Adventures, right? Not tragedy. But there is for me a clear divide between March 2021, when I was healthy with just the occasional possible age-related twinges, and April, when I got very sick. In May, I was diagnosed with pneumonia (the good news, as the doctor put it) and diabetes (the bad news).

For all of us, the new normal will not just be a return to our former lives. We’re none of us sure what the new normal will or even should be. But for me, I think I am getting close to my new normal…and I don’t know what that will be either.

How strict do I need to be about what I eat? Can I get more mindful and Mediterranean about my meals? How much can I increase and improve my exercise habits? What other areas of life will I get structure with savior-faire and will something just fall by the wayside permanently?

So Ignite Your Magic: A Self-Discovery Journal: Prompts and Exercises to Inspire Personal Growth is, from the description, just what I need. I don’t believe in magic, obviously, and I don’t feel any need to ignite anything. But this book looks at ordinary moments in life. And, presumably, helps us make them magical.

The first exercise is to write the directions to the market from home with your left hand. I did not do this at all. I didn’t reject it without trying, but I couldn’t do it at all. It didn’t seem worth working hard at, frankly. I don’t think writing with my left hand would ignite magic.

The second exercise was identifying five things about my home that I’m not happy with. That was easy. I have a lot of messy areas in my home right now, plus my sofa is shabby enough that it needs to be replaced and I have wallpaper that needs fixing and half-finished drawer handles and a broken shelf in the kitchen.

We’re not told to do anything about our dissatisfactions, actually, so I didn’t. In the future, I might. Not right now, though. My Christmas sweater is a priority.