ignite2 #2 daughter thinks that I should reignite again, but I think perhaps I will never get out of the Ignite stage if I actually reignite every time I fall into temptation.

I have noticed some changes in the way I respond to some foods.

Oh, not in the way I respond to the Ignite foods. I continue to feel that a salad — even a nice salad with chicken or fish — is an absolutely lovely side dish. Eating only meat and vegetables is boring at best.

The “Evil Six,” however, are prompting some slightly different responses.

  • The ones that I eat offer a degree of deliciousness that I wouldn’t have thought possible. I have never really been excited about cheeseburgers, but a cheeseburger eaten during Ignite is a rare and marvelous thing.
  • Ones that I see but do not eat arouse something akin to disgust. I assume that this is why I do not eat them. “Eeuw,” I think, “milk and cookies! Gross!”

Perhaps, if I ever actually get through the Ignite phase, I will feel revolted by all tasty evil foods. “Eeeuw!” I’ll think, “How can anyone eat those croissants when they could have a lovely plain boiled egg?” “Ugh! I can’t believe they’re actually going to serve wine and cheese!””Excuse me, I just can’t abide the smell of brownies!”

Seriously, I’m fine with Ignite breakfast and I can tolerate Ignite dinners. Lunch is disappointing, and teatime is a barren wasteland.

Why shouldn’t teatime be a barren wasteland, though? Who said we should always get delicacies with our tea?

#2 daughter pointed out that, if I had followed Ignite properly, I would be free of it on Monday. Easy for her to say.