I’ve almost finished the monogramming class at Craftsy, in the sense that I have watched all but one lesson. I have not so much as taken the cover off the machine, but it appears that machine embroidery is partly about software and partly about getting the fabric and hoop and machine in the right places relative to one another. Actually sewing is not the big deal.

It made me consider how very imprecise I am. I am starting with the picture of the Boxy Socks from the inside, below. so that it is clear that this is not just about being bad at things and needing practice. I am, for example, good at knitting.


And the pattern is easy, too. Yet you can probably see that the “reggies” are not properly lined up. I had to frog the heel flap back to the point where it went off track and redo it.


And see the pretty HotPatterns peasant blouse below.


Again, an easy pattern. And I watched the tutorial on YouTube. And even so, I put it together wrong and had to undo it, wrinkling the fine French lawn in the process, and my gathers are uneven still, even though I have done and redone it and basted and unbasted (further contributing to the wrinkling).


This will also affect my lace shawl, should I ever decide which pattern to use.

I am not sure that I am capable of improving in this area.