Independence Day started off well. I got to cooking about 7:00 and #1 son and DIL arrived in time to help cut up the watermelon. #1 daughter arrived the the Good Ol’ Boy, the Baby, and her mother in law as I was getting the deviled eggs on the table.

We were catching up and having good conversations, but I was still in the kitchen, when the Baby let out a blood-curdling scream. She had touched the Lamp Berger, which she is strictly forbidden to touch, and burnt herself.

I had lit it first thing in the morning and then forgotten all about it, so of course I feel terrible. We have told the Baby many times not to touch it because it’s hot, but it has never been hot when she touched it before. She loves to touch it, and considers it worth getting in trouble for.

Poor little mite! Lunch sort of continued but she was screeching all the way through it so it was not easy to eat.   We kept trying to get her to let us put ice on it, and finally she accepted Advent candles stored in the freezer. #1 son and DIL went and got burn cream, too, and they were finally able to get some of that on her finger. She was happy at that point.

#1 son had brought firecrackers. The Baby had calmed down enough to enjoy watching them, and the rest of us sat with her on the porch or stood around on the lawn and enjoyed them.

I sent #1 son off with leftovers and they’ll be coming back with their kids on Monday for dinner.

#1 daughter’s mother in law is planning to help her clean her house today so she’ll be ready when the New Baby arrives. I think she should be resting, but she might be happy once it’s all done. It’s nice to have a clean and tidy house.

There was fireworks noise in the evening, but I didn’t go out to watch them or even watch any on TV, which I have sometimes done in the past.

I had lemon mousse and finished watching Downton Abbey. I’ll have to find another binge-worthy program to watch today as I finish up Charlotte the Fox. I am determined to complete that toy today. And to rest up and enjoy the long weekend in a properly self-indulgent manner.