Last night I went to bed at 10:00 — earlier, actually, because I took my Kindle to bed to read, but I put the light out at 10:00. And turned it back on at 10:17. And back off at 10:30. And woke up around 3:00 a.m. because I suddenly realized that we have to include analytics in our annual website management packages, so I had to recalculate the prices.

I cannot do $840 x .67 in my head while half asleep.

So at 4:39 I got up to go and calculate the prices with a computer, realized that this was an insane thing to do when I finally had the chance for 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep, and went back to bed.

I could not go back to sleep. My brain continued to try to recalculate things until 5-ish, at which point I got up and went to the computer to fix those calculations.

One of my review books, A Whole New You, is about making changes. It has an intensive, highly organized 6-point plan. At one point, you list the physical signs that all is not 100% well in your world and maybe you need to make some changes.

I have some of those. Insomnia is one. It apparently isn’t just my husband’s work schedule or the dogs. I think perhaps I’m suffering from entrepreneur insomnia.

Actually, insomnia is one of the main signs of stress for me. #1 daughter gets stomach problems, I stop sleeping. I often have this problem before I even feel stressed during my waking hours.

I think my first step is to walk the dogs at 5:00 daily.

This should be a relatively easy change. It will involve fresh air, movement, and — if I can get my husband to join me — human companionship. If not, then it’ll be dog companionship, which is probably also good. It’ll end my work day at a reasonable time, and if that means we earn less money, then we earn less money. It can dovetail nicely with dinner preparation, increasing the odds that I’ll actually make dinner of proper food. It’ll give me a nice long post-work evening during which I can relax and increase the odds of sleeping well.

No downside at all, right? I think I can establish this habit by the end of the year.