Oh, I might still mop the floor. But today, Palm Sunday, I headed off to Sunday School where we discussed Kant, C. S. Lewis, Richard Dawkins, evolution, the addictive personality, the difference between ethics and morality, and a bunch of other stuff.

We sang “Ain’t No rock Gonna Shout for Me,” as well as more traditional things.

We waved our palms and the children were very cute.

I did errands on the way home, talked with #1 daughter, and then hemmed up the Baby’s Easter dress.

It needs a wash and a press, but I think it is charming and I plan to make more from this pattern.

I finished Ravinia as well.

It needs blocking. The straps are completely wrong. However, since I will never wear it with bare arms, I don’t think I’ll fix it. My version is interesting, with a sort of art deco vibe. But I will have to make another immediately and do it right.

I think I will be able to wear this under linen camp shirts happily all summer.

I also made a classic Genoise — the sponge cake leavened just with air beaten into the eggs, not with baking powder or any other chemical.

I enjoyed a piece with berries and cream, which I think is the traditional English way to serve a sponge cake. I’m thinking of making le Frasier for Easter. That’s a Genoise, split, filled with strawberries and mousseline, and topped with marzipan.

An enjoyable and productive day. Restful, too.