The Littlest of the Littles has been in preschool. Her teachers both turned up with positive COVID-19 tests. She was in quarantine. She and her sister both got colds, and therefore they both got COVID-19 tests.

Both were negative.

We kept calm and carried on, not thinking too much about the possibility of losing the apples of our eyes.

They would have been in quarantine until tomorrow. But since they had their negative tests (negative for coronavirus, that is; they were positive for rhinovirus), they got out of stir in time for Halloween.

We went out to the Good Ol’ Boy’s farm, where they had a treasure hunt and we had hot dogs roasted over the fire, plus the baked goods I brought. It was fun.

Almost immediately, we had Election Day. That was Tuesday. It’s now Thursday night and we don’t yet have an official result.  That’s weird, but it’s not the weirdest part.

From Lisa Lehr:

What the president of the United States did tonight wasn’t complicated but it was stunning, even after four long years of the politically extraordinary.
President Trump attacked democracy.
In his remarks tonight from the White House, Mr. Trump lied about the vote count, smeared his opponents and attempted to undermine the integrity of our electoral system.
“If you count the legal votes, I win,” he said, before ticking off a litany of baseless claims about ways his campaign had supposedly been cheated by his opponents, nonpartisan poll workers and a vast conspiracy of technology companies and big business.
But nothing is “rigged” or “stolen” or “illegal.” No one is “doing a lot of bad things.”
Donald Trump is simply losing.
And he’s apparently decided to try and take our system down with him.

As he has for months, Mr. Trump indicated that he would not accept the results of the election and would encourage his supporters to do the same — a dangerous game in an already heated political environment. And at least a few voters are listening.

Yes, that is happening in the United States.

We are living in interesting times.