It has been a crazy week with lots of ups and downs, and now the snow and sleet are coming down just to add to the excitement. #1 daughter and I had an exciting skype meeting, solidified our 2013 goals, and now need to get our strategies and tactics together.

I work with some wonderful people.

I also lost another pound which is not bad.

I made a bedspread. I’m not taking its picture yet, because I’m not sure it’s finished.

  • It touches the floor, but I bought a matching dust ruffle on eBay, so maybe it should be shorter.
  • However, with the bedspread on, it’s clear that we have a thin mattress and a low bed. Maybe we just need a modern mattress. #1 daughter’s beds are all poofy.
  • I made it so it folds over the pillows, in the mid-20th-century style my stepdad’s mother taught me (with bitter words about my mother, weirdly enough). I think I like the quilts and pillow shams style better. So should it be shorter in that direction as well?
  • And maybe quilted?

And maybe the biggest question: am I ready for a badspread? A bedspread with matching dust ruffle and wallpaper border?

I actually have a romantic side. I’ve been married for 30+ years, so I guess that’s not amazing, but I like flowers and lush colors and draping fabric — but there’s such a thing as too much.

I’ll keep thinking about it.