I’m in need of a wardrobe to wear while I continue to lose weight, which I think I will do. At this point, I have a pair of blue jeans that’s wearable, two jackets that aren’t comical looking, and a couple of shirts. As long as I don’t have too many meetings with the same people and don’t mind wearing the same thing day after day, I’m fine.

But I do see the same people at church twice a week and my team once a week and I don’t want to look as eccentric as I will if I wear the same thing absolutely every day, alternating my two shirts.

So I am using pattern M7331 to make a fast, cheap wardrobe that will be satisfying until I am ready to make more of an investment.

m-7331 pantone2016-spring

I made one pair of the pants in black, and one in Iced Coffee, seen below.


I’m making the top in Serenity blue. The Iced Coffee and Serenity fabrics are shown at top with the sweater I’m working on, which stands in for Rose Quartz.


It is contrary to the spirit of the undertaking, but I am facing the knit top with organza ribbon.


There might as well be some pleasure in the making, even if I am slapping things together.

I bought, at a Coldwater Creek clearance sale, a blouse in the blue and  shell in Fiesta, more or less, plus a dress in Snorkel Blue.

By the end of the week I should have 5 tops, 3 pants, and a couple of neutral jackets. That should take care of me.

As for the 30 Day Declutter Challenge, I am a day or two behind. I should have started the kitchen and pantry over the weekend. However, I finished the bathroom, and I might get some part of the kitchen done this evening.


The Whole 30? I am limping along till the end, recognizing that I didn’t really do it but unable just to give up.