I’ve been under the weather and doing nothing but sleeping and working. Ten and a half hours a night under the influence of Nyquil got me through my workdays — even the extra work of Analytics Week. So I haven’t been doing any tidying.

But today I received a set of fabric boxes intended to corral my fabric stash.

These are very cheap containers made of thin printed plastic with flimsy zippers.

We had our team meeting this morning with a baby and two dogs. It was complete chaos, but productive. Then I finished analytics, wrote blog posts, and after work I sorted fabrics into the containers.

Clear windows show the fabrics. I have a container of tweeds, one of woolens, printed cottons, jerseys, and one of lingerie fabrics — silks and satins.

They stack up, but only as a stack of blankets will.

They hold a lot of fabric. I’m not sure how exactly I’ll fit them into the room. I’ll fill them up first, and then determine the best plan.

I think one more early night of Nyquil and Kindle and I will feel fine tomorrow. Right now, I’m gathering strength to clean the kitchen. Then to bed.