Interweave Knits has their science issue out.

The clearest candidate for a really science=connected sweater is this one with DNA helix designs. I knitted a DNA scarf some years ago, and I like this sweater a lot.

This pretty one is supposed to remind us of atoms.

There are garments inspired by plants and planets and all sorts of things.

After a lively day yesterday — team meeting over breakfast, then lunch with a colleague, then helping to interview for an office manager at the church, then dinner and conversation with #2 son — I got back to my knitting today.

This is the third hottle (from Rebecca Home, Issue 7, 2004. I’m knitting this one in KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, colorway Celestial.

I love a good cable pattern in a smooth wool worsted.

I baked some fine sourdough buns as well, and did some work in my planner, but that was about all beyond getting on with my Christmas gifts.  It’s only 38 days till Chtistmas. If I knit fiendishly from now till then, I should finish a hottle for each member of the family, or at least the middle generation.

It’s Garage Week on the Holiday Grand Plan, but it makes no sense to me to clean the garage while gifts need making. So it’s a marathon of Midsomer Murder and strong attention to the cable needles.