The custom of the moment is to accept, indeed to validate the lifestyle choices of other people. Even when those choices are clearly wrong — smoking, for example, or drunk driving — we’re supposed to be quiet if we have problems.

So when I was working on a client’s social media and found myself in a Pinterest page full of anti-vaccination propaganda, I should have been tolerant.

I wasn’t. Seeing pins emblazoned with things like, “You say you’re for women’s rights, so what about a woman’s right to choose what her child is injected with?” infuriated me. The self-righteous stupidity pushed me over the edge.

People who choose not to vaccinate their children are endangering the rest of the community. Their children are protected by the majority… until we reach a tipping point.

Then we’re back to cemeteries filled with tiny headstones for children dead of whooping cough and measles. Thanks to the self-righteous stupidity of these anti-immunization activists.

This is my particular Baby’s new (or at least forthcoming) dress.

We’ll have to keep her away from unimmunized children.