Lately, I've taken a few personality quizzes online, and they have said that I'm balanced on the introvert->extrovert continuum. Sometimes they say I'm more of an extrovert.

I'm an introvert. Today my daughter invited me to have lunch with her tomorrow for my birthday. She said I could think about it. I didn't have to go if I didn't want to.

We have a family lunch planned for Sunday, and she is herself an introvert. So she knew that there would be some little bit of me that was looking forward to spending the day by myself.

I should have said yes immediately. It bothers me that I didn't, even though I did have the presence of mind to accept within a few hours.

I like the images in the picture at the top of this post. A comfy sofa by the fire, a pile of books, a cup of tea with a cookie — isn't that a definition of a happy evening?

But look what that owl is saying! Is being an introvert about selfishly enjoying your stuff alone? Are other people just sources of stress?

I love my family. I appreciate my friends, my church family, fellow committee members, my colleagues and clients. I find other people's ideas interesting.

Showing up as more extroverted on the personality tests is an improvement if introversion is just a sign of selfishness.

Nonetheless, I am spending this evening alone while my husband is working. I'm knitting Ketch, watching Hulu, and planning to go to bed and read pretty soon. Happy sigh.