Part of my recent sleep issue is my husband’s bad cough. It keeps me awake. Since we’ve been dog sitting, my solution of leaving the noisy marital bed for the guest room has been hampered by the guest room’s bed having dogs in it.

One side effect has been a series of half-waking dreams. In these dreams, a reality connected by hyperlinks has been being generated. So the song “Mele Kalikimaka” was played in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, which #2 daughter’s beau persuaded us to watch. The song therefore had a hyperlink to him. It played also in the tourist town we visited with him, so that connection also was linked up.

It was also connected with a recipe, though I don’t know what the recipe was. It was for bread, however, so that linked to #2 son, our awesome baker.  I found a recipe for Mele Kalikimaka Banana Bread. Not the right kind of bread, nor perhaps the right kind of link, but it’ll do.

Robert Alex Anderson wrote this song in 1949, and it has never yet been featured in my annual musical Advent calendar. He was born in Honolulu in 1894, and therefore got the chance to experience lots of political excitement in Hawaii.

Anderson also wrote “Lovely Hula Hands,” not familiar to me but it was apparently an enormous hit.

Here are the lyrics:

Mele Kalikimaka is the thing to say on a bright Hawaiian Christmas day
That’s the island greeting that we send to you
From the land where palm trees sway
Here we know that Christmas will be green and bright
The sun will shine by day and all the stars at night
Mele Kalikimaka is Hawaii’s way to say Merry Christmas to you

Not much of  a song, but it was stuck in my head as the IRL hyperlinks developed around it.

The third hottle is complete. With the surgery and the holiday, it took a bit more than a week — maybe 10 days. I’ve cast on for the fourth.