FW11798 I cut the orchid wool jacket — just the fashion fabric, as the seamstresses call it — with a higher level of accuracy than usual. That’s not saying much, admittedly, but it’s something.

I still need to cut lining, interfacing, and hair canvas, so I can’t claim that I have finished cutting it out.

The wool is really lovely stuff. It is definitely orchid-colored, but up against the bright colors of my Spring SWAP, it really looks almost neutral. See the proof below.

I am approaching the sewing up of this garment with a sense of fatalism, I think. I have made jackets before, and worn them, too, but where I think my sweaters are better than store-bought, I know that my jackets are not as good. I wear them with an awareness that I’m not well tailored.

Why should this time be different? DSCN4337

And yet I know that I have students who don’t write as well when they start my class as they do when they finish. They talk about “the way I write” and I do my best to be courteous as I assure them that they will give all that up and do something completely different now that they have met me.

If they actually do the work.

And I guess that is the key here, too. I watched the class on bound buttonholes and thought, “I could do that better by hand.” I must give that up. I am heading into the lesson on doing stuff with hair canvas and building structure into the lapels of the jacket. I must approach it as if it were a new task.

I might be able to do it.