I cut the lining, with slightly less success in the precision department, because it was slippery. And also, let’s face it, because my particular foothold in the precision department is not in the real-world section.

I cut the fronts in hair canvas — still more pieces to cut in that, I think, but I dove in with the catch stitching and pad stitching and whatnot.


My padstitching is not as tidy as it should be — or, no doubt, as it will be. This sort of sculpts the lapel so it rolls beautifully.

The Palmer/Pletsch book says that doing the fronts takes 10 hours — 10 of the 33 total involved in tailoring a jacket in the traditional way.

I’m pretty comfortable with this bit, though, because I like handwork. This means of preparing and also marking the dart seems very clever.


I did the first front this morning, then went for a business meeting followed by some recreational shopping with #1 daughter.  Now I’m starting on the other piece, while watching Midsomer Murders. A nice cup of tea, and that’s a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.