fabricI wear jeans nearly every day. If I have a meeting or teach a class, I put on trousers and a few times a year I wear a dress. But mostly it’s jeans, and my jeans are becoming shabby. So I decided to buy a new pair.

It’s not that simple, though. The place I usually order from has gone out of business and I’m down 17 pounds since the beginning of the year, so I wasn’t at all sure what to buy. I realize that many people would just go to a store and try pairs on, but that wasn’t on my list.

So I decided to try Jag jeans. They’re like ordinary jeans up to the waist, except that the fly is faux. They finish at the top with a stretch waistband so that it’s like pulling on sweatpants. You can put your hands in your pockets and as long as your top covers the waistband you appear to be in ordinary jeans.

They arrived today and they are super comfortable, though I might need a smaller size. I rather think this is what those pants I made for last year’s Spring SWAP — the ones whose super-wide waistband made no sense to me — were intended to be.

I’m also planning to make the Marrakesh Drawstring Pants shown in a tiny picture at left. If they’re successful, I’ll make several.

Yes, I think I’m still going to try to make a SWAP this season. I’m going to learn to use my embroidery machine. I’m going to make a sweater for #1 son and a shawl for myself. We have two nice new projects for the company and a book to write as well, so I think I’ll have plenty of interesting things to work on.