Jermyn Street, the scarf, is coming along well. I think it is time to end SWAP Fall 2015 and hurry up with the Christmas gifts.

The scarf, intended for #2 son, is in Knitpicks Wool of the Andes. It is Jermyn Street from the book Wanderlust. You may, like me, be wondering where it got its name.

Jermyn Street is in London, near St. James Palace, Piccadilly, and other good addresses in the City of Westminster. There is a statue of Beau Brummel there, and it is known as a place for men’s haberdashery and bespoke tailors and other businesses essential to well turned-out gents.

This scarf, then, is intended for well dressed guys. #2 son has a very distinct style, mostly consisting of board shorts and a bare chest, maybe a singlet for formal occasions, allowing the focus to be on his great hair. He started teaching this term and his dad got rather emotional about the question of trousers, importance of wearing in the classroom.

This could make all the difference.