I use Rescue Time to track my work hours. It monitors my activity at the computer, subtracts things like email and shopping (who me?) and tracks the time I spend actually writing or doing research or design work. My goal is to accomplish 5 hours a day of such work.

I have done enough hours to reach my productivity goal for the month of July. Does that mean that I can take a week off?

Probably not.

However, I read today (while implementing a client-written blog) that it’s easy to confuse gathering information with growth. I had to think about this a bit, because I value learning. Knowledge is a good thing in and of itself for me, and learning is a valuable way to spend a day.

My client was saying, however, that you can end up attending workshops and webinars and gathering new ideas without actually putting them to work. That, he said, is not valuable.

Our days should be spent in service and growth, not in gluttonous gathering of information.

If I had spent all those hours in Craftsy lace shawl classes (in fairness, I was also knitting or stepping during all those hours) and had not knitted a lace shawl, it would jut have been gathering information.

If we consume headlines and memes at Facebook and Twitter without following through and learning what’s really going on in the world, that too would be mindless grazing on information without actual growth.

This is a good thing to keep in mind.