I’m feeling jumpy this evening. I think it’s lack of sleep, and man is that boring. What have I complained about most in this blog over the years? I think lack of sleep is the clear winner.

I was talking with #2 daughter about my digital health tracking idea and she told me about sleep tracking. Google, Apple, and Samsung have all jumped into the digital health tracking arena. Here’s an entertaining essay on the subject which favors the fitbit. It checks sleeping and walking (the cheaper version just does walking) and it syncs with some online tools and phone apps. Nothing related to Balance, which I am still getting the hang of after all this time. Sigh.

Things have been very busy at work and I feel like I’m behind all the time.

However, I am getting up on time,exercising,  making my bed, cooking meals, putting on clothes and makeup, taking care of my skin and hair, reading before I sleep, and getting to church. My presentation today went well, I got the proposals out (#1 daughter is out of town) and I hit 80% productivity. So I have nothing to be jumpy about.