It was hot and sunny at home when we left this morning. #1 daughter’s car is like a space ship, with multiple robots talking us through the trip and multiple data screens showing us things. We had an enjoyable drive up, talking mostly, with a stop off for pizza and another for chocolate.

Yes, I am enjoying the Evil 6 during this trip.

We met up with #2 daughter and hung out at her place for a while, then checked in at the Sheraton, which is very nice, and then went back to pick up #2 daughter and had dinner at Buca di Beppo. Apple and Gorgonzola Salad and Lasagne, to be precise.

Next was a trip to the Half Price Bookstore. I had been rather excited about that, but walked out empty handed. Sigh.

Back to the hotel, and I will soon be going to bed to read. A very low-key day.

I did have client emails, of course, including one that suggested replacing a four-word sentence in a brochure with the following quote (or perhaps paraphrase):

Changing the order of things is difficult because the people who are certain of what they will lose will oppose it. And the people who are uncertain of their gains won’t support it. –Macchiavelli

I haven’t responded.

We’re going to the zoo tomorrow and I’m excited about that, and I’m also excited about the conference.