I had to buy a new set of knitting markers to do the short rows for the Ketch collar.

It's Friday, my night off, and it's raining. I lit the fire and I'm knitting while watching Fresh off the Boat. At some point I'll clean the kitchen, bathe, go to bed and read.

I had the thrilling experience of finding a new-to-me out of print Colin Watson novel in the used books. I also have 264 novels I'm supposed to read and review. I am reading Blue Murder, the aforementioned Colin Watson novel, first.

Really, I have been slacking off in many areas. I'm not doing my chore of the day. I've eaten hot dogs with frightening frequency when I should have been eating my no-decision fish and salad lunch. I have eaten cookies and candy and ice cream. And I have not been exercising. I do my 30 minute walk, of course, but not beyond that.

No, if I'm no working these days, I'm reading and knitting.

So I'm knitting. And it is the perfect night for it.

Ketch has a good plan for the short rows. You set the markers and then just knit to the last marker, wrap and turn, and go back to the end marker on the other side.Wrap, turn, repeat. When all the markers are gone, it's time for the buttonhole row.

I think I'll get back to my proper routine soon. For tonight, though, I am being self-indulgent and enjoying Colin Watson and Ketch.