I've completed the back of Ketch, one of Amy Hertzog's Custom Fit designs. It badly needs blocking, and is currently nearly an inch smaller than the schematic says it should be.

The blocking could help with that, or I could be an inch smaller when I finish it than I was when I started it. Or I could make the fronts a bit larger, possibly by switching from a size 0 needle to a size 1.

But the big issue is the space-dyed yarn. I really don't like the look.

I love the yarn. I bought it at Lambspun while visiting #2 son in Colorado. I intended to use it for the Chimera cardigan, but it's too fine. In fact, I couldn't find any pattern at this gauge that seemed suitable, so I went to Custom Fit to get a perfect pattern to suit this very special (and, let's be honest, very expensive) yarn. It's very soft and pretty. I didn't realize it would look as stripey as it does.

I also didn't realize just how far it would go. I think I'll have plenty for this sweater, and a tank to go with it. Maybe a matching skirt, too. I hope I'll come to love the fabric it knits up as much as I love the yarn.

I'm hoping to love it more by adding lace panels in the front.

This is Ketch. I think lace panels near the button band would cut up the stripey effect.

I'll need to swatch some lace patterns.

One of my Christmas gifts was this very nice needlework kit. It includes thread snippers, crochet hooks, cable needles, yarn holders, measuring tape, stitch markers, stitch counters, and much more.

With this, I spent much of today knitting and reading.

Then #2 daughter and her sweetheart and I went to the Clinton House Museum. We explored it and then went on to dinner at the local artisanal pizza place.

It was a very pleasant day. In fact, the whole holiday break — including the very fact that I am having a holiday break — has been very nice indeed.