I’m reorganizing my kitchen.

First, I identified the activities that go on in my kitchen. Some people hang out, drink wine, or do homework, but we really just do four things:

  • cooking
  • baking
  • serving and cleaning up from meals
  • coffee and tea prep

Serving and cleanup naturally go with the dishwasher and sink. Cabinets for everyday dishes go right above the dishwasher for easy unloading and putting away. I may reorganize those cabinets, but that’s the right area.

Coffee and tea prep are more spread out. I have a proper tea and coffee cupboard, right above the Nespresso machine.

Milk frother, Nespresso pods, cafetieres for both tea and coffee, varieties of tea, iced tea pitcher, tea infusers, coffee bean grinder, special tea thermos… Everything you need for caffeine delivery systems.

But on the other side of the sink is my fancy coffee machine, electric tea kettle, everyday tea, and demitasse and regular cups and saucers. So I guess the coffee and tea prep extends all the way across that wall of the kitchen.

That’s still logical and manageable. The sink point of the triangle is in the middle of these two

The plot thickens after that.

The stove is in the middle of the cooking and baking areas, with cooking on the right and baking on the left. Sort of.

This is the breakfast cupboard. Oats are used for baking, right? Pancakes are kind of baked? I don’t know, but this is on the left of the stove and the right of the refrigerator.

The actual baking cupboard, below, has the most common baking ingredients and the decorations and stuff. The other baking ingredients are in the pantry.

What about baking pans and utensils, though?

Some of the baking pans are in the baking cupboard. Not all.

There’s also this random — or maybe hybrid — cupboard, which looks tidier and has no more three year old protein powder in it, but it’s not really baking, though it’s in the baking area, and it’s also not real cooking. It’s kind of the rice cupboard. Or a non-breakfast carbs cupboard or something.

Measuring and mixing tools to the left and cutting and chopping tools to the right. Or something.