In the interests of becoming a well-rounded knitter, I've come up with a plan to make The Knitting Life List a challenge. Since a chapter a month doesn't work, I'll choose one item from each chapter each month.

Here's my plan for January:

Chapter 1: "Buy a color wheel" — except I just took a color theory class at Craftsy and downloaded one. I've written extensively about color wheels, but I haven't used one in my knitting… yet. Now I will.

Chapter 2: Swatch for fun. I actually swatched half a dozen lace patterns before picking one for Ketch.

Chapter 3: "Read 'The Charge of the Light Brigade' and think 'cardigan.'" 

Chapter 4: Make a list of projects you want to make.

Chapter 5: Add lace panels to a project — this is Ketch, this month's main project.

Chapter 6: "Make a hat as a gift for someone you love." That would be the Baby, who needs new hats.

Chapter 7: Find knitting apps.

Chapter 8: Plan knitting travel.

Chapter 9: Knit something red for a baby. That will be the hat.

Chapter 10: Organize your stash. Which I've done.

Chapter 11: Read 'The Lady of Shallot."