In the course of honing my Instagram skills, I encountered a Norwegian knitting company called Klompelompe. They have one book in English and it arrived today, during a serious rainstorm, right before my car failed to start.

I think my car Alexa, which I have not figured out how to connect, has been draining the battery. Sigh.

In any case, the book — Knitting for Little Sweethearts —  has many charming patterns.

There are a few patterns for adults, including these boot toppers which could end up as Christmas gifts.

But most of the patterns are for babies and children.

I think this is the one that started me down this particular rabbit hole at Instagram, though the colors and details were different. This is a klompelompe romper. I pronounce that so it rhymes and laugh.

There’s a matching dress or jumper. Some people could say “klompelompe jumper” and make it rhyme.

Here’s a really awesome jacket. There’s a tailored coat for girls as well, but I think this jacket would look nice on a girl, too.

A summer top — very pretty.

Lots of hats, cowls, and headbands which probably benefit a lot from the styling of the photos.

I am deep in WPs, so I probably didn’t really need this book. Nor the one in Norwegian which I ordered directly from their website, because of course I can knit in Norwegian. Not.

This pattern comes from that book, Jul, and I know I can use the charts with an ordinary color-yoked pattern. I look forward to seeing the book, and maybe there will be other patterns I can figure out. I know I will make lots of things from the book that arrived today.

Since I can’t go to church, I will enjoy the rain and work dutifully on the Textured Vest while thinking about what I will knit from this book and in what yarn.

Coming back to update this post…

Sad news. The book is not available.

This looks like a page where you can buy the book, right? But I guess it is not. The Klompelompen do not sell the book, and no bookstore seems to sell it in the US. I am very sad. I was planning on knitting a bunch of things from the Jul book. It is not meant to be. Sigh.

Look what I’ll be missing: