It’s the end of Knit Top Week in the HotPatterns Secret PJs Club Sewalong.

The is the Foursquare T, and the two below at the Shirttail T. All are in Spoonflower Modern Jersey.

I love these Art Nouveau prints and the colors are just right.

The idea is that we can wear these tops with equally comfy pants (I made Marrakesh and Miracle Pants — I’m wearing the Marrakesh pants in the picture at the top of the post) and look properly dressed while feeling like we’re in our PJs.

Lots of people are wearing PJs all the time during the quarantine, but there’s evidence that you feel better if you dress like a grownup while working at home, so this is an awesome plan. We can nap, but we’re also ready for those Zoom meetings.

We have two more weeks: Woven Tops and Third Layers.