There it is: KnitPicks Luminance, colorway Charity. It’s 100% silk, soft and lovely. It arrives in a skein, not a ball, like a hank of mermaid hair.

It tangles hideously.

The ball has four knots in it.

But I think that this is the perfect yarn for Leaves & Flowers, a scarf I have been wanting to make literally for years. I found the pattern in the Wayback Machine.

I swatched with laceweight wool a few years back, and I will probably make the pattern with this, too. But I think I really want to use the green.

I have not finished Ketch 2. Or Chimera. Or Ah la Fraise.

I’m kind of planning on a sew-cation — spending afternoons next week working on my DYW project.

Will I instead knit up a shawl? Or start?

I had my hair cut this morning and went to Whole Foods, where I bought lots of lovely produce, pretty brown eggs, and pastry for tomorrow’s meeting.