I don't generally care much about knitting fast. If you're not being paid, then the more hour of knitting pleasure you get from the investment you've made in your yarn, the better off you are, right?

But as part of the KLL experience this month, I'm making an effort. The KLL acknowledges that speed isn't usually what we want most when we knit, but they also say that keeping your hands still and your stitches near the tips of the needle, as competitive speed knitters do, makes your hands and arms less likely to tire and keeps your tension more even.

So I'm trying it out.

So far I'm not impressed. However, I have to admit that I came to it with a somewhat closed mind. In our team meeting today, #1 son was saying that it's become hard to talk to people about politics. He wants to know what people "on the other side" are thinking. He doesn't assume that he already knows everything about them, and he's tired of being pigeonholed by others. But he finds that people have made up their minds so thoroughly that nothing can change their minds.

I might be this way with new ideas about knitting. I've been knitting since I was a child. I am completely comfortable with it and can knit without looking. I can read, watch movies, or carry on conversations while I knit. Why would I want to change?

But I am trying. I'm not sure how still I ought to be keeping my hands, but I think I already keep my stitches near the tips of the needles, so there may not be much change to make. That may be why I don't seem to be going much faster.