I finished all the blogs this week. True, I have four websites to work on, papers to grade, and lots of business stuff to do, but the blogs are done — even the Aussies. I have errands to do and a lunch date, but apart from that I have one simple plan for the weekend: knitting.

I’m seriously behind on my Christmas presents, and only a weekend of intensive knitting will solve that. As for the song of the day, let me offer you “Hark! A Thrilling Voice is Sounding,” a traditional Advent hymn. Here’s a sort of Karaoke version so you can sing it as you putter around the kitchen or the grden this morning:

Here’s a different tune, with banjo accompaniment:

This hymn uses the theme of waking up, a popular one for Advent music. It was written in Latin in the 5th century, translated into English in the 19th century, and is sung to “Merton,” or to the earlier German tune, “O Der Alles.”

This is a nice thing to have in mind while sitting around knitting. I plan also to read, because I have a couple dozen books to review — I have been working on that, but every time I finish one I get a new one or two, and I am not complaining about that. But I am working on Henry, which is a tough piece of knitting, so I will probably also be watching Netflix.

Our little dog, Toby, has hurt his leg and mostly sits around crying and feeling sorry for himself. He is sitting up and taking nourishment today, so I don’t think he’ll die, but I think he will feel better with me sitting with him, so that’s the plan:

  • knit Christmas presents
  • read books
  • watch Netflix movies
  • comfort the dog