I liked Mireille Enos in The Catch. She seemed to have a great smile with sadness behind it. Her fierce and flashy character was complex and appealing. Now I’m watching her in The Killing. The smile is gone. She’s all sadness. Indeed, she’s unstable, a neglectful mom with lots of compassion for juvenile crime victims, incapable of caring for herself or perhaps for anyone else. She focuses obsessively on the dead, who don’t actually need to be fed or read to or provided with a decent home.

She has some intriguing sweaters, though. Apparently the program was originally Scandinavian, and there were lots of fine sweaters in that show. When they brought it to the U.S., they continued to dress her in hand-knitted sweaters, however little sense it makes in the story.

She lives in a rat trap of an apartment, never prepares a meal for herself or her son, has neither friends nor family, and never goes shopping. So where does she get hand-knitted sweaters? She obviously doesn’t make them herself, and she has no one to make them for her. She couldn’t afford to buy them even if she were interested in doing so.

The sweaters are traditional European styles, mostly with round colorworked yokes. She has a cabled pullover and an interesting raglan sweater with a textured band where the sleeves meet the body.

I haven’t gotten to the gorgeous saturated blue color sweater at the top of this post. It must turn up in a later episode. So far, I have seen her not only in earth tones but in mud tones. No crimson skirt to add contrast, no emerald scarf for punch. She always wears murky sweaters under somber parkas with jeans.

Here’s a sweater with set-in sleeves and impressive cables.

And here a collection of clear photos of some of the sweaters which were apparently sold on eBay. Again, the one with blue rather than just gray and brown hasn’t yet turned up in the show as I’m watching it. Maybe the existence of the cheerier sweaters means that her life will improve as the program continues.

The labels in those photos suggest that the sweaters come from Harley of Scotland.

Lovely sweaters on models styled to look BGBC, but all of them could be waiting around to be interviewed about the decapitated corpse in the library. The lowest priced sweaters, completely plain jumpers, run $100+, so I guess I’m wrong about hand-knitting but not wrong about these sweaters being way out of Detective Linden’s league.