I'm heading out again next week, with new luggage to test for Vine and a bus ticket.

Yes, I'm trying the bus again.

Anyway, I must make an important choice. I'll be gone for a couple of weeks, so I need a lot of knitting. And since I'll be doing a good bit of it on a bus, it has to be road trip knitting.

Easy, zombie knitting.

I have one more small sweater to make, this Basque pullover from La Drogerie. It might not qualify as road trip knitting, but it's little, so I think I can take it along for hotel knitting.

For bus knitting, I might go with Ketch, the sweater at the top of this post. I started it in a silk/wool blend on the way up from Texarkana. I got within a couple of inches of the waist shaping. I could get it through that shaping before I leave, if I set aside the Debbie Bliss matinee coat.

But Baby is expected in a month. Can she be welcomed properly with no matinee coat? What if she has pressing social engagements in her first week?

A quandary.