Friday is the perfect day for an exciting package to arrive.

Actually, I have a church committee meeting tonight after work, so there will be a bit more delay than usual before I can really enjoy it, but I took the time to unpack it.

First, it contains this warm weather kit, with bamboo and linen  blend yarn, a pattern for a cute tank/tunic, and a perfect tiny button.

Also the charming lion and tiger fabric to make coordinating pants.

Second, a kit to make Héraklion, which looks like a simple yet stylish jacket.

The fabric is 100% cotton in my fave gray/wine combination, good for early fall I would think.

Third, Kid Mohair yarn in a gorgeous teal.

I don’t know what this amount of yarn will make. A shawl? A bed jacket?  I’m very drawn to mohair right now.

By the time I finished the meeting I was feeling rather low. I had canned soup and corn chips for dinner, followed by ice cream. I think fatigue, a long week, and lack of dinner combined to make my mood a bit dismal.

This bag of goodies definitely helped.