I went to Paris with a list of four knitting shops to visit. La Droguerie is the one I ended up going to, and it was an excellent choice.They describe themselves as “color merchants in the trtadition of those shops back in the days of old wherre pigments and all sorts of materials were sold in bulk.” The shop is packed with jars of buttons and beads sorted by color, hanks of yarn hanging from the ceiling (the ladies measure off the amount you need), Liberty cottons, rolls of ribbon dispensed from their place on the wall…

I bought a baby knitting pattern book and 100 grams of yarn, plus some ribbon and buttons. I spent much less than I had budgeted.

When I got home, having been very happy with my purchases, I ordered another baby knitting patterns book, this time with the English translation, and a couple of knitting kits. The box arrived yesterday.

Fortunately, a box of yarn can take a lot of squashing.

The opened box showed no damage.

The unpacked goods are perfect.

Here is Bambara, a Basque-style pullover to be made from a bamboo-linen blend called Bossa Nova, in the Santa Rosa colorway.

The other kit is a raglan sweater to be knitted in Fruit Salad yarn, colorway Peaches in Syrup. I’m translating, obviously. It’s a bamboo-cotton blend.

The sweater is Villelaure, a raglan cardi with bands of point de ble (wheat stitch) on the front. No English translation, but I’ve made a good start on it and I think it will be fine.

I must go see to the dogs this morning and I’ll take #1 daughter to brunch if she’s awake and in the mood once I finish with the pups. Then I plan a day of knitting and planning. Although that was my plan yesterday, too, and I did housework and billable work, and that may happen again today.