I’m making great progress with my Fall 2021 Collection. True, some of the items were half-finished or at least well begun last year.

Heraklion is coming along quit4e well, though. I skipped the pockets and so far it is looking very good and fitting well, too.

I have completed one pair of Miracle Pants and sewn the major seams of three tops. Six garments should actually get completed.

I had a mindful dinner, too. The process of cooking properly instead of just throwing salad greens next to a piece of meat was enjoyable, and the meal itself was a pleasure to eat. I discovered that my doctor had said 45-60 carbs per meal in my portal, and the Blue Apron challah hamburger bun is exactly 45 carbs. So I had the burger with mushrooms and radishes and truffle powder, plus a salad of arugula and tomato. Strawberries on the side. Now that I’m no longer taking Metformin, I enjoy food again. A pleasure I had missed, and I’m very glad to have it back again.

Counting carbs will be a new experience for me, but I am glad to have a clear target.

I did not take the dog out for a walk, which I had intended to do. I hung around reading and writing up reviews until was too hot. But then I got stuck into my sewing and had a productive day.