How can I have sewn for so many years and made so many successful projects and still be such a bad seamstress?

I cut the Style Arc Elle pants in  ponte de roma knit in the dark taupe and the silver. Both were 2 yard pieces of 60″ knit, but the silver ended up having enough fabric left to cut a tank top as well. It felt odd to cut much smaller sizes than the last time I made them, and I did a lot of extra measuring.

This is a very nice fabric, soft but not too thin and clingy.

First, I sewed the legs together like a mermaid’s tail and had to take the seams out — a difficult thing with this fabric. Then I had to restitch the waistband several times to catch missed edges. However, I did manage to follow the waistband directions correctly this time, and to complete both pairs by 10:00 a.m. The poor quality photos show that these are very simple pants, and that my sewing room is rather messy.


The waistband on the pale gray pair turned out wider, but both pairs are comfortable and I will never tuck a top into these, so the vagaries of the waistband are my little secret.


I cut a simple tank top from the remaining gray fabric and now have my inner color column from the gray Core 4 complete.

The I began on the Sunshine Tops. Unfortunately, the front pattern piece is missing. I jerry-rigged it, cut it in the lighter taupe, and sewed all the pieces together. It actually came out okay. As I was getting ready to cut the other tops, #2 daughter and her beau arrived and sewing ceased. I have two complete items and two that need their handwork done.

We went to some local shops and then had dinner: hamburgers from the grill, salad, and the Southern Living Cream Cheese pound cake with berries and whipped cream.


Then we played games. Here’s Risk: Europe. One of the local shops we went to was a game store, filled with guys playing games. The keeper of the store was a very helpful guy. We already had several games from Vine to review, and he weighed in with seasoned opinions. I bought Chez Cthulu for #1 son’s Christmas in spite of the large collection of Christmas gift games currently lurking in my gifts cupboard, just to show appreciation and encourage him.