Yesterday I sewed up the print two-piece from Simplicity 1467. It is hanging to settle before hemming.

Once again the facings of the blouse were a bit off but I made them work. Next time I won’t use them at all.

And once again I’m confused about the waistband. I have seen multiple photos of this skirt that simply don’t look as though they contain elastic at all. I’ve made the skirt twice and the pants once, trying each time to follow the directions and instead ending up with an ordinary elastic waist, which is not what I want. I’m not really a tucked-in girl anyway, but I don’t want a bulky waistband and I want to know how to do it right.

In fact, I have a pair of trousers from Coldwater Creek that have a sort of internal elastic waistband and an external not-elastic Hollywood-style waistband, so that they don’t look like elastic waistbands at all. I thought maybe this pattern would do that.

So here are the instructions:

1. Sew the two parts of the waistband together, leaving a side-seam opening for a casing. The opening is quite small, so it’s apparently not a super-wide elastic. The notions don’t mention elastic at all.

2. Fold the casing in half with wrong sides together, creating a fabric ring with the opening on the inside.

3. Sew the ring of fabric — the waistband — to the top of the pants or skirt. This leaves all the raw edges showing.

4. Insert the elastic into the casing. Stitch the ends together.

5. Smooth the fullness to the sides and sew on a front faux tie. Does the tie keep the elastic flat? The Marrakesh pants have an actual drawstring which is composed of elastic for the back and drawstring ends for the front. Maybe this is what we’re going for here?

No, there’s really no room for misunderstanding, is there? So I guess wide elastic and keeping the length of the elastic close to the length of the waistband are the solution, and the photos have just had the models stand still while they smooth the fullness to the back before they snap the picture.

I got about halfway through the jacket. The gathers don’t look horrible, and it fits reasonably well so far. I’m following the instructions closely and haven’t run into any difficulties yet.


The jacket will look good with the two-piece if it works out well at all. I am still not sanguine.


I have enough left of the fabric to make the skirt, too, in case I want a polyester frou frou skirted suit to wear to matinees. I also have a length of marsala cotton that I might be able to squish the pants pattern onto with some creative cutting.

There has been some work done already today and there will be more, including an internal meeting, but I hope to get some more sewing done as well.