I haven’t been knitting, because of my trouble with my elbow — I think it’s tendinitis, and so like, all people who look their symptoms up online instead of getting proper medical help, I’ve been following the recommendations I find at places like the Mayo Clinic website. One of them is to rest the joint. Since I can’t give up typing, I gave up knitting.

I have greatly missed knitting.

Pepper began to chew up the yarn I bought at the Folk Center, so I wound the skein into a ball while my daughters discussed the position of women in the gaming community and the changes in weddings in recent years.

Then I began on a simple scarf from Lacy Little Knits. The yarn is too heavy and too uneven for lace, but this is just a simple openwork pattern, and it looks good in a couple of different yarns in the book. I don’t think I have the quantity for the shawl as it’s shown, so I’m making a narrow scarf instead. If I end up loving the pattern, I can always make it again in its original form.

We’re continuing to have a relaxed weekend. I always make Entertaining Plans for our family weekends, but very often we end up talking and playing games the whole time instead. I think this is mostly because we all like each other and don’t get enough time together, so it’s okay.

However, I save up fun things to do, and if we don’t do them I often don’t get back to them in the future. So I think I might try to push us into doing something from my planned list.

If that doesn’t happen, we’ll still have a fun weekend.