This is Carole Berenys’s Seamless Yoked Sweater. I made the less-decorated boy’s version. The patterns is somewhat casual — no mention of length or of measurements at all, and this is the “newborn to 6-mo” size, which is a large range. There’s a larger size included in the pattern, but I’ll be making a smaller sweater as well as this one for the layette.

This was a bit of a try-out. I used one skein of Bernat Baby Softee and still have enough for booties. Now that I have been reminded how much yarn a baby sweater requires I will move on to one of the more elaborate patterns. It’s good to have a simple little cardi you can toss in the washer, though, and I may well make more of those.


The slip-stitch pattern puts all the extra texture on the outside, which is good for babies. I’m waiting till we know if it’s a boy or a girl before I add buttons.

Men wear their buttons on the right side of their clothing so they will be handy for dressing and undressing. Women wear theirs on the left because they’ll be dressed by their maids. Babies should therefore always have their buttons on the left, since someone else dresses them, but that’s not how it’s done.

If it’s a girl, I might also add some hand embroidery to the slip stitch pattern. It looks a bit like smocking, and I can totally see it with smocking stitches.